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Whether you are an amateur rider or a competitive cyclist, nutrition plays a major role in endurance, strength, performance and recovery.  The balancing proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, water and other nutrients before, during and after a ride translates into peak performance satisfaction and healthy muscle recovery.

Many long distance or intense riders, keep energy bars and sports drinks readily available during their ride to help maintain energy and remain hydrated.

Drink a complex carbohydrate and protein before the race can provide energy from carbohydrates and muscle building protein that will improve endurance. ToneUp! is a whole grain brown rice protein shake that is easy to digest and perfect both before and right after a race. Just add water, shake it up and drink. It will aid recovery during the golden glycogen replenishing period.

All athletes remember to eat after strenuous exercises, but few remember that vitamins and minerals used up and depleted during exercise and sweating. While eating helps to replenish the body of lost nutrients, what’s better is to take a cell ready liquid multi-vitamin mineral supplement to get the nutrients back into the cells quickly to aid in the recover process.  

Cyclists do well at eating properly and at the appropriate times. The internet is full of advice on eating. But, not many think about digestion as a vital part of preparing for a race. Proper digestion is just as important as eating the right foods. Specifically, digestive enzymes are particularly important when the body is breaking down foods and preparing it for cellular fuel. Without a proper amount of enzymes the body can’t breakdown nutrients properly, thus requiring the body to work overtime. In the end, the body suffers and performance is affected. Onezyme, is a well balanced blend of digestive enzymes designed to enhance the body’s digestion process.  

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We live in different worlds

Some of us are athletes, some people want to keep the fitness they have, some want to regain it. As individuals, we each have different nutritional requirements; differences in the way our bodies work and the way we process our nutrition. WellnessOne bridges these worlds with high-quality, all natural nutritional supplements – this is the essence of our World.

Our products exceed the expectations of all wellness worlds: body builders, athletes, homemakers, parents and children. Our focus is on cellular energy health, not just physical energy. Our goal is giving you the best possible tools for  health and wellness.

That’s how we bring wellness, one world at a time.

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