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Special Health Packs

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As a runner, you probably eat a relatively healthy diet to promote peak performance and to maintain good health. Like all athletes, runners need cellular energy endurance and strength to reach their winning potential. During a run, setting and maintaining a good pace requires that every cell in the body is properly conditioned to keep up with the will to win. Part of conditioning is feeding the cell proper nutrients and water.

It doesn’t take long to realize that water is life for runners and athletes. It’s recommended that runners drink about 15-20 fl oz. of water 2-3 hours before exercise and another 8-10fl oz 10-15 minutes before the run.  In addition, runners should consume about 65% of your total calorie intake with complex carbohydrates several hours before running. This helps to ensure hydration and it gives the body long lasting energy for peak performance.

Runners need protein for sustained energy and to repair damaged tissue.  Here is the nice thing about ToneUp! It is a Whole Grain Brown Rice protein. Healthy conscious runners eat Whole grains and brown rice as part of their complex carbohydrate diet. ToneUp! has 7 grams of carbohydrates and 13 grams of protein, all part of what runners need.  As an added bonus, ToneUp! contains all 18 amino acids which the body uses to rid free radicals, thus keeping the body well conditioned from a nutritional standpoint.

Sometimes, runners need a little boost of Calcium, Iron and Potassium to help maintain proper mineral balance. Our single minerals are perfect and convenient for any runner.

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We live in different worlds

Some of us are athletes, some people want to keep the fitness they have, some want to regain it. As individuals, we each have different nutritional requirements; differences in the way our bodies work and the way we process our nutrition. WellnessOne bridges these worlds with high-quality, all natural nutritional supplements – this is the essence of our World.

Our products exceed the expectations of all wellness worlds: body builders, athletes, homemakers, parents and children. Our focus is on cellular energy health, not just physical energy. Our goal is giving you the best possible tools for  health and wellness.

That’s how we bring wellness, one world at a time.

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What sets us apart!

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