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Testimonials from WellnessOne Worlds

Confessions from "Fat Doc"

This is a confession from a fat female physician. Ashamed as I am to say, I would tell my patients to lose weight and sit there looking quite hefty, very hypocritical indeed. I have been heavy most of my life with small periods of thinness which I slaved to accomplish. When I did shed fat I was unable to maintain it and keep the pounds off. Then, I would promptly gain everything back and more. I decided at the ripe old age of 54 that I had enough and needed to do something. I felt the best solution was to ask my patients, who had always been my best teachers, what worked, what failed and why.

I had many patients in the same boat as me so gathering information was not difficult. When I asked my patients what was the most successful weight management program, most said gastric bypass. When asked why, they said because it forced them to eat less and they weren't hungry anymore. When I asked them if they failed on other diets because of hunger, most said yes. And I agreed - that was my main problem as well. I wondered why nobody in the weight management business really seemed to focus on the "hunger" problem. I decided that unless I could address my own hunger problem, I would not be successful in successful long term weight management.

I came across LightenUp from a friend. Using large amounts of expandable fiber as well as the vitamins, green tea extract, choline, inotitol and other great ingredients of LightenUp made a lot of sense to me. And the developer of this product had years of experience in nutrition and the synergism between pathways, energy and metabolism.

So I decided to give it a try. And in NOVEMBER of all times of the year! What was I thinking?? The Holidays seemed like a surefire way to fail but I decided that if I could get through this period I could make it all year.

I took my LightenUp 1/2 hour before meals and then just ate what I normally do since I was already eating a good healthy diet. I dished up very small portions figuring I can always go for more. Well, I was not hungry and rarely went for more. I lost a total of 75 pounds in about 4 to 5 months and have kept it off with no effort! I also felt I was getting good nutrition with LightenUp and I have a lot more energy so I also have been able to get more exercise. And the greatest benefit is I have no more hunger and I feel very satisfied and happy with my eating experience!!

Fat Doc, Phoenix, AZ

ToneUp! Every Day

I have been using protein products for 15 years now. I'm a "part time" body builder and have tried hard to increase my weight in the form of better muscle mass and greater body strength. I have always known I needed to take some form of protein supplement. About a year ago a friend told me about ToneUp! I never knew anything about protein from brown rice and also I was very interested in the fermentation process and the benefits it produces. Until I found "ToneUp!" I just tolerated the bad taste and the bloating and indigestion caused by most other products. I was never really satisfied with the results I got either. With ToneUp!, I found a product that consistently gives me more energy and that helps me build more muscle mass. After 11 months on ToneUp! Protein I gained 30 lbs, most of it lean muscle mass. My energy levels have been fantastic and I started breaking records on my lifts. I use ToneUp! every day now and swear by it!

John M., Minneapolis, MN

The Taste is the Bonus

I have become addicted to this stuff. I put it in all kinds of smoothies and even drink it straight in water – it tastes great no matter what you do with it. I'm in good health but this ToneUp has given me much more energy and sense of well-being. I've used protein powders for years but never liked the taste and texture of them, especially the soy and whey. Also, this ToneUp doesn't make me feel all gassy like the others. So I was so pleased to find this brown rice protein and amazed at how much better it makes me feel and the great taste is a real bonus!

Serra V., Phoenix, AZ

Tools for Survival

I'm into food storage for emergencies so I buy things that would be critical for survival. Protein is one of those things that would be hard to get if a disaster stuck or our country's infrastructure collapsed. Having a good source of protein that's easy to digest and easy to prepare and stores well is extremely critical. I have been storing ToneUp Protein and have been urging my friends and relatives to do the same. I rotate my supply and keep adding to it. I think everyone should have at least a 6 to 12 month supply of ToneUp protein as well as other foods stashed away just in case. And it's great to store things you are eating regularly anyways.

Barry F., Salt Lake City, UT

Our "Secret": OneBalance and OneCalm

I am so excited to find the OneBalance and the OneCalm products for my very overactive 8-year-old son. He has a hard time in school. He is quite a challenge for our family but he is basically a good boy and wants to control himself, even though he can't. I met a lady at a meeting I was at with my son. She asked him if he would like her to put some special "drops" on his hand. She told me what it was and asked my permission so I said yes. On the way home my son said, ‘That nice lady made me feel so calm when she put that stuff on my hand.' We have been using OneCalm and OneBalance ever since with great results. My son is better in school – even his teachers have asked what changed in him.

Linda R., Saint Paul, MN


We live in different worlds

Some of us are athletes, some people want to keep the fitness they have, some want to regain it. As individuals, we each have different nutritional requirements; differences in the way our bodies work and the way we process our nutrition. WellnessOne bridges these worlds with high-quality, all natural nutritional supplements – this is the essence of our World.

Our products exceed the expectations of all wellness worlds: body builders, athletes, homemakers, parents and children. Our focus is on cellular energy health, not just physical energy. Our goal is giving you the best possible tools for  health and wellness.

That’s how we bring wellness, one world at a time.

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